Michigan Fish Species

Common Questions

What kind of fish are in Michigan?

Michigan boasts a diverse array of fish species, including but not limited to trout, salmon, steelhead, walleye, bass, and pike. Captain Matt and On Target Fishing Guide are your knowledgeable guides to help you discover and catch these varied fish in Michigan's abundant waters, making every fishing trip an adventure to remember.

What are the biggest fish in Michigan?

Some of the largest fish you can find in Michigan waters are lake sturgeon, muskellunge, and chinook salmon, to name a few. Captain Matt and On Target Fishing Guide have the expertise to guide you in your pursuit of these impressive and sizable fish, helping you make the most of your angling adventures in Michigan.

What is the rarest fish in Michigan?

The rarest fish in Michigan includes the Lake Sturgeon. This elusive and threatened species is seldom encountered due to conservation efforts. While On Target Fishing Guide, led by Captain Matt, specializes in various fishing experiences, these rare encounters require special conditions and are not typically targeted during fishing trips in the state.